About us

With a modern work dynamic, 221B eliminated the need for permanent fixed structures, and focuses on the quality of our professionals, who are activated according to their specialties in relation to the needs of each project.

This reduces costs and allows you to have access to high quality communication, but with an investment compatible with the size of your business, whether large, medium or small, autonomous or startup.


To offer the best services, we have professionals and partner agencies from different cultures, backgrounds and specialties that complement 221B, forming a complete team ready to face any challenge and deliver the best result!

We promote the increase of your company's visibility from a logical communication structure

MVP Experts!

The MVP (minimum viable product) allows you to visualize, analyze and test a simplified version of the final product in the earliest stages of the project. This version is then being incremented at the same pace as the project's evolution..

This means efficiency in the investment of resources and energy in the crucial phase of making the project tangible, and controlled and solid evolutions.

At 221B we can develop the MVP of a website, visual identity, video, etc., in a few days, to accelerate the evolution of your project.


We master the best tools on the market

About the founder

Graduated in Publicity and Propaganda and post-graduated in Institutional Communication, Raphael has more than 15 years of experience in the area. He opened his first communication agency in 2012 and today leads 221B!


Did you know

The '221B' was chosen to be the name of the agency because this is the apartment number where the famous detective Sherlock Holmes lives, a character in the stories of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's books. For an agency that values logic, efficiency and a touch of genius in its projects, there was no more elementary name, right?