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Whether to solve problems, improve features or implement new functionalities, the technologies and languages used to make a website evolve daily. In this process, some older things are falling behind and stop working.

Furthermore, cyber attacks are extremely common and increasingly sophisticated, putting all websites and applications at risk.

With our maintenance your website is light, safe and updated, providing a better experience for your visitors and helping in the success of your business.

But the improvement is not only at the front! We also ensure that your site's administrative environment is clean and organized, so you can easily manage it without getting lost trying to find the area you need.

What we do

Keep your site secure and optimized and stay worry-free:


  • Server, domain, SSL and DNS configuration and monitoring
  • Wordpress themes, plugins and core updates whenever available
  • Constant improvement of plugins and systems
  • Resource and code optimization
  • Protection against attacks, instability and data loss
  • Fully functioning guarantee and prompt support for problem correction and online recovery

starting at:

Optional hosting + US$ 15.00/month


  • Coverage of 'Maintenance & Support', plus:
  • Insertion of content (photos, posts, products, testimonials, etc.)
  • Changing texts, images, icons, colors and other content in existing areas

starting at:

Optional hosting + US$ 15.00/month


  • Coverage of 'Maintenance & Support' and 'Posting & Changes‘, plus:
  • New areas, pages or sections creation
  • System and tools improvements
  • Implementation of new features

starting at:

Optional hosting + US$ 15.00/month

*The values presented may vary according to: the type, size and complexity of the site and the resources it contains; number of visits; and demands hours/month of changes and creations of pages, posts and other contents.