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Motion Design and Video Production go hand in hand, so for your project to be complete, you can also count on us to produce your video.

We take care of all stages of production, complementing with motion design to make your video look amazing!

What we do
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Let's bring your special video to life:


  • Collection of references, intentions and objectives of the video
  • Selection of contents, ideas and speeches that should enter
  • Description of scenes, cuts, lines, transitions and motion graphics
  • Production of the content script and technical script

starting at:

R$ 390,00/min

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  • Equipment transportation
  • Lighting
  • Audio capture
  • Video capture
  • Directing

starting at:

R$ 740,00/diária

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  • Takes selection
  • Assembly
  • Cuts, splices and transitions
  • Audio modulation
  • Color correction
  • Finishing and export

starting at:

R$ 690,00/min

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*The values presented may vary according to: location, access, distance, number of talents to be captured, complexity and size of scenes, number of layers and tracks needed, number of cuts, etc.