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Motion Graphics


Motion Design is the area of Graphic Design focused on design in motion.

It is a technique used to compose animations, graphic visual effects, lettering (lower-thirds), overlays, icons, animated texts, vignettes, etc., which are applied to videos and other media with movement.

What we do
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Give your audiovisual project a special touch:

We take care of all stages of the process, but to reduce the investment amount, it is possible to contract only some of these stages with 221B, and the rest is up to you.


  • Criação da concepção visual (opcional)
  • Desenvolvimento do storytelling (opcional)
  • Produção

starting at:

R$ 490,00/30seg

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  • Letreiro
  • Card animado de tema
  • Moldura de logo
  • Sob medida

starting at:

R$ 150,00

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  • Screenwriting and storytelling (opcional)
  • Study and creation of the visual conception and aesthetic style (opcional)
  • Development and production
  • Voice-over (opcional)

starting at:

R$ 990,00/min

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  • Proposition of resources and visual effects appropriate to the purpose of the piece
  • Effects to maximize existing tone, or to modify to a new tone

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*The values presented may vary according to: the complexity of the desired resources and effects, the number and frequency of applications within one minute, the number of scenes, takes and scenarios, the complexity and level of realism desired, etc.